OK, I’m a liar…

Guess what?

I lied. I’m not quitting. I really thought I was – honest – until David talked me into a tag-team. Yeah, BOTH of us are posting (and honestly, he has more time on his hands than I do anyways.) So, it’s not over yet, but we’ve moved – check out @ http://elmering.blogspot.com/ and add us to your google reader. pretty please?

-love, Laura Elmer


It’s been fun.

I will never forget moments like these. Moments where I am surrounded by the people that I love, doing our own thing, but all singing the same words. Thanks, everyone, for singing along with me in this incredible time of my life (photo by Wingate Downs). It has been a blast. Thanks for reading, for caring, and for complaining about me quitting the blog (ha). One day maybe there will be another, but it’s so long for now.

Rumor has it that after we drove away, there was a free for all moment on the cake. No plates, no forks, people just dove in with their hands and enjoyed all that sugar and flour like girls at a slumber party. I love it. I love that there was enjoyment til there was nothing left. I love it that people were so sweaty, we could see through their clothes.  I love it that it was a night of sheer joy. But honestly, there IS nothing wedding-ish left to write. Now we’re just two happy people who go on bike rides at dusk and can’t seem to get any school work done. So, I bid the blogging world adieu. And don’t forget…


(street lights… peeeeoplee woooahhoohhh!!!!)

-Laura Elmer

Prepare yourself.

So, this is it. Prepare yourself for a LOT of dress pictures. Here is the transformation of my wedding dress. The underneath layer was once a WWII parachute, and it was worn three times before me. It has seen a lot of changes, but nothing like the genius of Chris Hudson. Now, that I’ve worn it down the aisle, I can let out all the secrets.

OUT-OF-THE-BOX: trying on mom’s dress

Needless to say, I was hating this. It was looking hopeless, until…

This might work? Take off those sleeves!

Dress Fitting One & Two:

The dress was cut into strips and reformed to fit my body exactly.

Dressing Fitting Three & Four:

It was unbelievable to watch it transform before our very eyes.


Why did I love this process so much? Because the day I got married, I put on years of love and devotion. As Mindy Smith would say, “Highs and Lows, that how life goes, with little moments that shine… [Love] only gets better with time.

Meet LeighAnn.









As many of you know, this beautiful girl standing beside me is my very talented sis-n-law. If you came to the wedding, you got to experience her singing, but she is also the one who was in charge of the save-the-dates, the programs, numerous invitations and all the rehearsal dinner decor. She will probably be embarrassed that I am flaunting her skills, but seriously, she’s an amazing graphic designer. So, if you’re getting married think about giving her a call. Here is a little bit of her work from my wedding:


Table Numbers:


Basically, I think she’s the greatest.

(this is for you Anne and LeighAnn)

A pain in the glass.

Well, I promise this is almost the end, but the end just can’t come until I finally chronicle the dress. However, I am waiting for a few photos to be emailed from Athens. So, in the meantime, I’ll give you a little taste of married life.

1) Did I ever mention that David won 1800 granola bars this summer? Well he did and they SENT ALL OF THEM to 360 E. Magnolia. Yes, 360 is our address, but as mentioned before it is also our square footage. So, if you’re hungry, please come visit. You may also see us standing on the course selling them for “People living under the poverty line” i.e. us.

2) This is the part I really want to write about. In the week that we’ve lived here so far, I could probably write a ba-jillion happily ever after stories that would make you sick. So, instead I’ll write you a very real life story.

PICTURE THIS: Sunday – I have just taken a shower, and I am in my velcro towel wrap drying dishes. David is in the bathroom. A key factor is my parents JUST brought down alllll our wedding gifts, dishes, glasses, linens, etc the day before. We have just spent the day fitting everything in the house… and that felt sort of like playing that little traffic game… moving things just an inch to move something else. Humming to myself, drying, drying, pick up juice glass to continue drying and – – slow motion – – the glass – – slides – – right-through-my-hands-SMASSHHHHHH. EVERYWHERE. Think only two rooms. There is glass in our bedroom, all over the carpet, all over the kitchen which is also all over the front entrance. I think glass even made it to our bathroom. SHEER PANIC. David calms me. Goes back to take a shower. I am sad, but trying not to be a materialistic freak. Drank out of the glass once. Man. Just sweep. And Vacuum. And spend a good 15 minutes cleaning it up. David had neatly put the glass shards in a dust pan on top of the trash can. Which I immediately knock over the moment I have everything cleaned up. Again, glass everywhere. David comes running at the sound of crash #2 and as soon as he walks in… the broom catches the edge of my towel. I. AM. Naked, holding a broom, in a sea of shattered glass, sobbing. Utter mortification.

Needless to say, we did finally get it all cleaned up. After Sunday morning, I have a new appreciation for feeling “broken and stripped of everything.” If I’m ever a YL leader again, there is definitely a talk in that moment. And looking back on it now, it’s pretty funny – but also, I think these are some of the moments I will remember forever. And the best part? David loves me anyways.

the after party.

photography by Anne Conover

Well, the party may be officially over, but we’re still celebrating over here at 360 E. Magolia in our little house. However, this is the beginning of the end of the wedding blog. I’ve made it down the aisle, but I have just a few more things to recount before shutting the door on “Don’t Eat The Flowers.” Look forward to picture of every step of the dress since it’s finally been revealed, honeymoon pics, etc.

BUT I thought a link to pictures might be fun. If you couldn’t make it, Wingate and Russ Feltman will both help you relive it.

Pictures are here: Wingate Downs – click on Barron/Elmer Wedding and the password is riverbottom

And then, here is a little memory of the night. Thanks Russ. (Russ Feltman)

Packing. Painting. Rearranging.

4 days out and what does life look like at the Barron house?

Packing, painting, rearranging, weather channel watching and visiting with folks.       But for real what does it look like?


When I was planning the reception, I fell in love with this little sign on the left. The right happened with a little extra time this week. Everything else is planned, so why not stain some wood?


BOW-QUETS for the rehearsal! Paper plates + TV + bows = ribbons galore.

And finally THIS.

Table setting. Mom and I looked back at pictures of her gift displays and tried to recreate the same look her mother had used – Emily Post’s white table cloths and delicate white flowers. So, what does the Barron house look like this week? Creativity and family memories all intertwined.