Just the beginning

Don’t eat the flowers you say? Well, today I learned one of the flowers I picked for my wedding is extremely poisonous. Ranunculus.  As a matter of fact, supposedly when people eat it, they get a terrible look of scorn on their face… hopefully, not a face you’re making right now while you read… and then, they die.  Yikes! So, wedding party, listen up.  No matter how hungry you get during the ceremony, stay away from the flowers.

Who knew?  I didn’t.  And this is only one of the random things that I’ve discovered while attempting this whole bride thing.  I guess I thought too of Into the Wild and the terrible plant mistake Christopher McCandless made.  But more importantly, his findings that experiences (or is it happiness?) is only real when shared.  Here I am, sharing with you one of the coolest experiences of my life, so thanks for being there.


2 thoughts on “Just the beginning

  1. well, missy, i’d love to email just you, but i can’t find your email address on here, so hopefully if i comment on the first-ever post no one will ever read it and it can be just between you and me 🙂 you may not remember me, but it’s kirsten—your YL leader in high school (you can see my blog for pictures that might refresh…) and laura belle (other yl leader), who is also getting married, is basically a professional facebook stalker and found your blog and sent me the link 🙂 hey CONGRATULATIONS!!! you’re so so so cute, like always, and honestly i think about you a lot and your love for jesus and sweet smile! i’m glad everything’s wonderful and so excited for you and just wanted to say hi! email me and we can catch up 🙂

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