1 bed, 1 bathroom, 1/2 kitchen-den

You know that feeling on Christmas morning when you open the most awesome present ever, and suddenly, the rest of the packages under the tree don’t matter because you so desperately want to play with that one thing?  That is exactly how I feel after signing a lease today.  All I want to do is play in my NEW HOUSE!! Speaking of playing, I grew up with a yellow play house in my backyard.  Many summers, my dad and I spent time painting the outside and planting flowers around the front like it was a real house.

I felt so grown up then.  Suddenly, I’m feeling a bit turned around in time.  This time the house is real, but I feel like I’m just playing house in the backyard.  Ironically, the play-house and the real house are not a whole lot different in size.  Maybe I can get a play-house picture to go along side this one, but for now, here it is:

Come visit us next year – 360 Magnolia Ave.


4 thoughts on “1 bed, 1 bathroom, 1/2 kitchen-den

  1. Ahh! So excited for y’all! We are still looking for somewhere….

    Can I tell you how excited I am that you’ll still be in Auburn???

  2. Laura and David,
    We are so proud for both of you. This is so exciting! Your mom and dad showed us the pictures this weekend. Can’t wait until we see it in person. It sounds perfect and so cute! Love you both. The Country Huttos

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