New things, things to come and things to share

1) This is me with my E. One of the cutest new additions to my room.  Funny, whenever people come over, they always say ‘E?’  Laura, what’s the E for?  I wait for it to hit them…nothing… “Elmer?”  I say. “Oh yeaaa!”  This is such a frequent occurrence that I’m beginning to wonder whether people think I’m faking the whole engagement thing or if Laura Barron will be that hard to drop. But thanks, Holly, for my E.  Perfect for my mantle.

2) Also, I have two other new additions to my room, my bird towels and this lovely sign, courtesy of Jamie.  Just look at them and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  REALLY CUTE.  Don’t you wish they were in your room?  Yay for engagement presents.

3) And then there’s things to come… like one of these plate patterns.  Vietri or Juliska?  What do you think?  I keep trying to imagine food on them, and then I get hungry and I end up in the fridge or at the grocery store. Crap, not again.

*Dish towels, plates… I know you’re thinking, “Come on Laura we wanna hear something interesting!” Well, strangely, these things get more fun when you can imagine using them, but here’s something a little more interesting:

4) Toothpaste: this is one of those things to share.  I will never forget one night in my house in Athens a couples days after we were engaged when David forgot his toothpaste.  Everyone was going to sleep.  The house was dark and silent, and then I hear David tromping down the hall.  He comes in my bathroom toothbrush in hand and picks up my toothpaste.  “I forgot mine,” he explains.  And we both brush.  Side by side. Spit. I grin at him and he grins at me.  “We get to share toothpaste forever!” he exclaims and does this funny hooray dance.  “YAYYYY!” I add and do a little dance of my own.  We are doing toothpaste-sharing victory dance in the bathroom.  This is the rest of our lives. And I love it.


6 thoughts on “New things, things to come and things to share

  1. bahahaha! i LOVE the toothpaste comment! i can totally imagine you guys doing the “toothpaste-sharing victory dance!”

    i also love that i am a “person you love.” YOU are a person I love.

  2. you are too cute!! i love reading this! 🙂 um two things though, one: that, for some reason, totally didn’t look like you at first in that “E” picture, and two: where is your ring, missy?? (funny you should mention faking the engagement…just kidding 🙂 ) but i love it all and can totally hear you and your creativity in every post! 🙂

    ps: Juliska is my vote…it suits you! 😉

  3. i must say i’m a HUGE fan of vietri. we have the rosso vechio and we love it for christmas, everyday, and game days (we’re bulldogs). it’s very versatile and we have vet to break anything! and we’ve been married for 2 years. go with vietri: it’s a staple and will always be there, never discontinuing stuff when you need it most.

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