Things that will NOT happen at my wedding

1) Please no war eagles.  I must start by saying, I do love my school and many people love themed weddings.  Good for them.  Our theme is David and Laura get married; Not David and Laura love Auburn.  I guess that means Elmer chants and fist pumps are acceptable.  But please, no bodda getta, track ’em, blue & orange guarder, etc.  It may offend my bulldawg father. (This is actually a really cute AU picture)

2) Also, I will not sing karaoke on stage.  So, I’m starting to sound a little boring, but be honest people:  This is a crowd tactic that is only to make guests laugh at the bride.  Good, I’d love for my guests to laugh, but not AT me.  I will not sing on stage, NEONS, I will not do it. (that is my band by the way, sneak preview).  Many of you experienced Dorothy my senior year, and let’s just say, that was PLENTY of Laura singing for the rest of your lives.  I know some of you are scarred from the experience, and if you never saw that play, thank God for it.

3) And finally, I will not fall down.  I will not catch my dress/hair/others on fire.  I will not spill anything on my white dress that my grandmother, aunt and mom wore.  I will not cry at the alter.  Okay, you caught me… this last list is a wish list, and all of #3 is very possible.  Start saying some prayers now…

Well, that was a good little post to keep me from studying.  Cheers to weddings!


3 thoughts on “Things that will NOT happen at my wedding

  1. I can’t promise no war eagles, but I may at least be persuaded to simply whisper them in close proximity to your father. I’m in complete agreement with the rest of it.

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