Meet Emily and Ryleigh.

Meet the all-stars, the very first people I asked to be a part of our wedding party, Emily and Ryleigh.  As pictured here in their princess outfits with fancy accessories, they have brought so much joy to the Barron household.  Anne and I were bridesmaids in their Mom’s wedding (my cousin Catherine), and I just couldn’t have it any other way.  Oddly enough, they look and act a lot like Anne and I did.(thank you facebook for this picture of Anne!)  See the resemblance?

Well, I knew the decision was perfect when after meeting David, my mom got a funny call from my cousin.  Apparently, one day, Ryleigh was at my Aunt’s house and from the other room, my Aunt could hear her talking to herself.  “Heyyyyy, David.  What time will you be here to pick me up for our date? Uhhh huhhhh… yeahhh… Okay, six sounds great.”  My aunt walked in on her talking to David on her pretend phone.  Also, apparently the new cool thing in their household is to “play wedding.”  I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud to be a trend-setter.

David says he owes all his success with the ladies to his dear friend, Randy Edward Stanley. Who? Well, let’s just say I went through a slight obsession with silly bandz (engagement rings and silly bandz do go together, don’t question my fashion choices), and Randy Ed. was my duck that David stole — and named.  I think David, Emily and Ryleigh might have played with the duck for a solid hour when we went out to dinner. However, it’s not too difficult to entertain children like these:

How great?  Can’t wait for you all to meet them, and with these girls, I predict petal-throwing goes to a whole new level.


3 thoughts on “Meet Emily and Ryleigh.

  1. I thought I was going to be the flower girl. This is the worst. Maybe I’ll just stay in Denver if I’m not needed.

  2. chris’ post—bahahaha

    i can NOT wait to meet emily and ryleigh. this is going to be AWESOME!

    also, the fact that you wear silly bandz and your engagement ring together is one of the many reasons i love you!

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