simple discoveries.

1) Did you know some lace is a chemistry experiment – chemical lace. When Christy was showing me her antique lace collection, she explained to me that this lace is actually created by painting chemicals on the fabric which eat away certain places in the fabric.  When you wash it away, it leaves these beautiful patterns behind.  Who knew?  So beautiful.

2) I also recently discovered am a living Polly Pocket.  Why do you ask?  I got my ring resized this weekend and my finger was a 3 3/4 – a four was even too big – and I feel like that’s an accomplishment.  I guess I have baby hands… (tried to embed video, but having issues)

3) Also, Athens people – did you know about the bookstore, Dog-Eared Books in Madison, Ga?  My mom and I were wandering around after a dress fitting and found this old antebellum home that is a bookstore: coffee in the front, books all around and records in the back. Awesome.  Y’all should check it out.  They just moved into that old house and did it by lining up everyone in the town and passing the books hand-to-hand all the way across town.

4) And on another random note, I just learned where the wedding cake tradition came from. Apparently, people used to break bread over the bride’s head as a symbol of fertility.  I guess the bread got fancier and fancier til no one could hold it over her head anymore, and we all forgot that it was about making babies. Now, we just get to “have our cake, and eat it too!”

5)  AND finally… I almost spilled coffee on my mac yesteryday, and for the first time ever I thought, “Oh no, DAVID will KILL ME,” instead of “Oh no, CHARLIE will KILL ME.”  Hope you enjoy that, Dad.

Well, there are the latest thoughts… hope I’m not boring you to death because the blog is helping me procrastinate. Thanks for reading.


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