I have come to the part of wedding planning that I hate.  I honestly thought wedding planning might be a little annoying and time consuming, but truthfully it’s really fun.  I would probably share every fun detail on the blog, except then nobody would wanna come to the actual wedding.  But then again, maybe I should because I LOATHE MAKING…

It is this awful creature that can ruin all the fun in planning.  You can say I’m being a little dramatic, but you would never guess how many people are interested in going to weddings.  HOW DO YOU PICK? I’ve really been trying to focus on the people who care about witnessing David’s and my vows more than who just wants to party b/c, I mean, who doesn’t wanna party? Right?  But it’s just not that simple. SO, for your enjoyment, here is a top ten list of things I RATHER do than cut people from the wedding list:

10. Never floss again (ok, this one’s a cop-out — I hate flossing)

9. Listen to Aaron Carter on repeat

(the party of the month? no the party of the YEAR)

8. Watch Disney’s The Thirteenth Year everyday.

(you thought puberty was bad? try being a merman)

7. Put up with (the most recent bachelor) Jason’s cheesy lines

6. Go by the name “Anita Bath” for a month

5. Eat cockroaches

4. Lose the rest of my remotes for life… tv, dvd player, etc

3. Have Diarrhea. A lot.

2. Get pepper-sprayed

1. Break my Femur

Okay, okay, I know this is all pretty silly, but I’m just saying, not everything about wedding planning is a walk in the park.


One thought on “THE UGLY TRUTH:

  1. I hear you on that. My LEAST favorite thing ever as well. I’ll never be offended for not being invited to a wedding EVER now that I’ve been on this side of it.

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