Meet Desiree.


For those of you who have never gone into Always, Always Flowers in Athens, this beautiful blonde woman is one of the greatest flower experts ever.  As a matter of fact the header from the blog comes from pictures of flowers hanging from the ceiling in her store.  Always, Always Flowers is like a floral dreamworld.  The ceiling is covered in dry flowers and the floor looks more like a jungle of beauty than floral displays.  Not to mention, when Desiree greets you, you hear the most gentle dutch accent.  She is like a little fairy in the mist of this garden.  Knowing very little about flowers myself, she helped me make most of my choices. She’s very honest, and if she agrees with your decisions, she’ll say, “oooo yes, I liike dat. Dat is so beauutiful. Ooo yesss.”  It is wonderful. After meeting with her, I went to see the people in charge of the reception, and I was telling them the names of the flowers I was using.  They all stared at me awkwardly, and I just kept babbling about the flowers. Finally, one of them repronounced the name of the flower I was saying, and we all realized I had picked up a little of her dutch accent. I must say, I was happy to say the names of the flowers exactly the way she does.

And ya know what?  I bet she and Christy, the dress designer, would be friends. Such creative souls.


3 thoughts on “Meet Desiree.

  1. I love that I keep stumbling upon your blog! I may or may not have read the whole entire thing the first time I found it…I just love how you are making friends with all of the people involved in making your wedding happen. Very true to form, and that’s why I love you! 🙂

  2. Such pretty flowers! Desiree is the best …. I am enjoying the
    blog, Have fun with all the planning…it is such a special time in
    your life…cherish every moment! Love you bunches!

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