Practice makes perfect.

Well, I’ve had a sinus infection all week which has left me with nothing to do but blog. So, here’s some more useless information to brighten your week. I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole getting married thing has left me practicing a lot of different things: I’ve practiced cooking (something I already love to do), practiced spending less money (something I don’t love to do), and the list goes on.  But some of the things I’ve been practicing are totally new to me this year:


This has become one of my very favorite things. There are people (Claire) that will laugh at me for saying this because, for most of my life, no one could get me to sit still ever, much less do some funky pose. I will never forget the first time I tried yoga; the ab workout came from my stifled laughter and not from the poses at all. However, this semester I practice yoga MWF @ 8 am with the sweetest little lady named Yi Sun. Yoga, offered as a PE at Auburn, has become a favorite practice of mine because it is so many activities rolled into one. I am stretching, but strengthening. I am sweating, but de-stressing. I greet the sun. So, the poses may not be the most flattering things you’ve ever done, but yoga does not beat up the body like other sports I’ve participated in (yea, yea, I see it coming… I’m ready for the clutz jokes). And what does this have to do with weddings you ask? Well, yoga’s helping me get a kick start on that LGN — look good naked – diet. Thanks yoga, for your relaxation, your strengthening, and oh yeah, the hot bod that hopefully comes with it.


ALSO – I’ve been practicing my new signature.  I thought about taking a picture of what I’ve got so far, but truthfully, it’s not so good.  I’m REALLY struggling with the cursive “E.”  Even David was making fun of it, but I’ll let you know how that turns out.  Any suggestions?

And you may…”

And finally, the practice I probably shouldn’t blog about, but the one that will probably be the most fun to read about: the “church kiss.” Now, don’t give me crap about this one because it has been a debate over the centuries. How exactly do you kiss at the altar? It’s even topic of conversation in the movie “The Wedding Singer” (church tongue?) So, the other day, David and I start talking about the kiss and we’re like, “How long? Which side will we be standing on? Are we gonna look retarded? How tall will I actually be? Etc” So, what do we do? I put on some high-heels with my nike shorts + ponytail, and we practice. Face each other, hold hands, and one of us says – “And you may kiss the bride!” Comments that followed:”Too long? More than that peck! One, two and stop?” I guess all I can really say is practice makes perfect.


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