Shoes part dos:

So, now that I am feeling better, life has been a bit of a whirlwind. I have tons of wedding info to update you all on (engagement parties, dress changes, thoughts on music, etc), but the truth is I have to graduate first. And that is not going so well. The 80 degree weather/schoolwork combo is pretty rough. But no matter what work I am shirking at the moment, I MUST say a word on (I would write an ode, but there are time constraints).

Today, I got a letter in the mail from a lady that helped me return the extra shoes. Her name is Patricia, and the day I spoke to her on the phone I thought she was the nicest lady on the planet. Then, she gave me free next-day shipping for the rest of my life, and I liked her even more. Today, I decided I may never buy shoes anywhere else.  How cute is this woman?

Aren’t you obsessed with this woman and the people smart enough to hire her?

People shop at zappos.  I’ve never had customer service like this. Enough said.


3 thoughts on “Shoes part dos:

  1. laura- people like that woman are what make this world a much better place to live- how fun- good luck with the end of school little bride. loved being at your engagement party and being with so many that YOU AND DAVID love. toodles- courtney

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