A thought on grandmothers.

Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue.

Apparently, this rhyme is a very old wedding tradition that I should be participating in. Recently, when I was out to lunch with my grandmother, she informed me of this important tradition. Luckily, she’s helping me get everything figured out so I can have a different item for every category of the tradition. BUT probably the best part of our conversation was she went ahead and gave me the “something old,” a beautiful handkerchief for my wedding day.

Tot’s Handkerchief

Interestingly enough, just recently, I got a letter in the mail from David’s grandmother and enclosed was another beautiful handkerchief. I could not help but think to myself how fun it is that grandmothers think alike.

Grandma Elmer’s Handkerchief

How blessed I am to have two such sweet people in my life! I love the “somethings old” that are new to me. My grandmother, Tot, told me that even though she wouldn’t be standing at the altar, she was going to be the “Dame of Honor.” And I must say, I think she’s doing a pretty good job. YAY for grandmothers.


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