Meet David.


Ok, so I probably don’t really need to introduce David, but I really wanted to have an excuse to put these pictures up on the blog. If I tried to “introduce” David like I have other people in the wedding, I’m just not sure that I could put who he is and what he means to me into words.  He was that football date that didn’t make me dress up; That boy that I climbed trees with and who could stand to put up with me. He’s the person that can beat me at everything. King of guitar (regular and the hero kind). The person who’s best jokes are said under his breath, but will make you laugh til you cry. Loyal, dedicated, has my utter respect. My best friend. Also lovingly known as Aladdin (that guy with dark hair that climbs buildings), Forrest (that guy running around campus with the massive beard), Jesus (that guy with long hair, beard and doesn’t wear shoes), etc, etc… David Elmer is too much for a blog introduction, so here he is the night of the engagement party posing for the camera in his dress socks (I’ll probably be in trouble for this one):


Who knew this ring bearer would grow up to be that groom? Good thing he’s had some practice coming down that aisle. This picture is little David with his best man.

So, here’s to David, world’s greatest groom.


2 thoughts on “Meet David.

  1. ok– I cried– dumb Mama! He is a great groom– A great person– and I’m happy to say– my first great son-in-law!! Yippiee

  2. David so rocks and that is a fanTAStic introduction, all the way down to the pic of my very own little ring bearer and usher (and part of my flower girl)! :o)

    It looks like we should be able to come to the wedding. Trying to arrange it as we speak. I will have been in Arkansas & California the last two weeks of July & will only have a week to rest up for the drive to Georgia, but hopefully all six of us will be there with bells on!

    We probably won’t have much time to visit during all of the hubbub, so maybe we’ll just write on each other’s FB walls from across the room and you’ll know we’re there for ya!

    And as I spoke I got a call from KBS telling me he’s not going to be able to make it because of our church’s homecoming on the 8th–his being the pastor makes it rather a mandatory attendance thing. That’s a ginormous bummer. So, looks like me & four kids in a car headed your way. Wish me luck! See you soon!

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