TO-DO LIST (for after graduation):

1) Learn calligraphy – yes, my mother and I will be hand addressing all of the wedding invitation along with using the old school method of index cards and boxes. I’m pretty excited about all the invitation doings. I know it will be tedious, but it will be a great time with Mom and a great way to learn some good life skills.

2) Making THESE with Annie.  We’re still trying to figure out how to fit a kitchen table in our tiny house, but if that doesn’t work out for some reason, we could use these really cute trays.

3) Finishing some books that I can’t right now: Okay, so maybe this has nothing to do with wedding planning, but reading always applies to life.  Right now, I really want to finish this book and then read this book:

AND I’m planning to read these two as well, so here is a little sexy wedding reading:

I love book suggestions, all types.  Sex books, regular books, so comment away!

4) Also on the wedding repertoire is getting fit!  Today I tried the P90X beach bod Insanity workout and felt like I was in high school doing line touches and push-ups. I’m thinking a much better way to get in shape this summer is riding my new (used) road bike that David just fixed up for me. Here is is, just dying to be ridden. So, everyone going to Twilight this weekend (the bike race, not the teen craze) take notes for me!!! And yes, the last time I rode a road bike I had a massive crash in the middle of Toomers Corner – so what? I’m pretty sure my theme song should be “I get knocked down, but I get up again…” Maybe if I get really good, we can buy a tandem.

5) And finally, I am planning on doing some berry picking at Washington Farms. This is one of my very favorite things to do in the summer.  There is simply nothing like eating a ripe berry right from the bush.  They are so juicy and luscious. Not to mention, I always feel like I deserve the berries so much more after gathering them myself. I don’t care – blue berries, black berries, or strawberries – you should go a pickin’. Wedding diet maybe?


5 thoughts on “TO-DO LIST (for after graduation):

  1. hey laura- loved reading about all of your plans for pre wedding activities-so much fun. after you read The Same KInd of Different As Me, you will love What Difference Do it Make? by the same authors. i know you are loving every day of pre-grad/pre-nuptials. so much to celebrate. love, your god mamma

  2. I’m reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It’s really good but is translated from Swedish so most of the names are hard to read and therefore the reading pace is awkward. I listened to the first couple of chapters on audiotape so I could know how to pronounce things and it has helped a lot. That’s all.

    Also, gross.

  3. Laura – Same Kind of Different as Me is one of my favorites – I saw Ron and Denver speak in person in Birmingham, it was fabulous! Intended for Pleasure has been recommended to me from some really great girls – it’s on my summer reading list as well!

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