Save that DATE!

So, save the dates can be really fun or they can go really wrong. They’re a great idea to get the word out, but they can also end up being a big money spender.  We decided, since they are a great way to send out hotel info, we would only send them out to faraway friends who aren’t around all the time to hear the scoop. However, I just couldn’t resist showing you some really special ones before I post mine.

Marriage in the streets…

Or in the sheets?

Ball & Chain – “He asked for it!” – Really?

I just can’t help it. I’m partial to my own taste, but these do make me laugh.

So, here is a very different sort of save-the-date, my save-the-date!!! Thank you, LeighAnn (David’s sister), for your awesome graphic design skills.  I’m so very happy with the final product! Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Save that DATE!

  1. Laura those save-the-dates are beautiful!! I love it! Amazing work S.I.L. I can’t wait to see your engagement pictures (and you now that you are home…).

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