A friend of pros

3 friends, a fiance, and the best afternoon ever.  I wish I could accurately capture the fun photo shoot with three of my most creative buds.  Weeks before, Meagan Gibson had thrown out the idea practicing engagement pictures on us, and since the moment she mentioned it, I was pumped. Early that day, Holly (all-time best assistant) and Meagan met at my house to start the “wardrobe process” which consisted of throwing together every closet near by until they found the perfect colors and such. Then, Jamie met us outside and we all piled in Meagan’s car to start the photog adventure. 3 outfits, 3 locations and these were the product. However, these pictures did not happen without massive allergic attacks to tall grass, Holly paddling around in a fishing boat to get Meagan and Jamie the perfect angles, and even trespassing and befriending a herd of noisy heifers. Not to mention, having to make David towel off between locations to keep his clothes dry. (hehe) A shoot like this one is just easier when your friends are the ones making you laugh and smile and even kiss. It just feels so natural. So, if you want a taste of this sweet photo shoot check out:  A little seed, A little water.

And thank you, thank you to Meagan, Jamie and Holly. Already miss y’all.


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