Meet Lee Epting.

The Caterer.

But to be frank, I’m not even sure I should deem him as the caterer. He is simply the man who “makes the magic happen.” Meet the man who will make my wedding look like a dream and have a taste to match it. I feel like I say every part of wedding planning is the “most fun,” but really hanging out with Lee Epting has been one of the great experiences of the whole planning process. However, I definitely cannot leave out his very lovely partner in crime, Mary, who, in relation to the man “making the magic happen,” must be the fairy god-mother.

Imagine this: You walk into a room with a few picture of what you might like for your big day to be like, and this man creates an afternoon out what you brought. I said, “Rustic, vintage, wistful” and he said, “Willow furniture, queen anne’s lace and chandeliers in the trees.” I said twinkle lights and candles, and he replied, “You cannot have anything but father of the bride lights.” It was as if his creative genius could read my mind. Still, Mary sat with us diligently taking notes… the woman behind it all. And as if that wasn’t fun enough, next thing I knew they were serving us all kinds of food! Ahh, how fun it is to plan a party!

Still, my very favorite part of working with Lee was venturing into his warehouse.  As you walk through the doors, there is a canopy of sheer fabric that greets you and, if I remember correctly, I think there was even a full suit of armor standing by the entrance like you see in movies inside the castles. Then, when you walk in, you are surrounded by shelves of creativity. Every kind of chandelier or piece of furniture. Every style. Every type. A lovely collection of odds and ends. I even found a rod-iron table made of a gate that Lee said we could use as the hor’dourves (sp?) table.

If Disney was still alive, I’d probably tell him to get a hold of Lee Epting. I mean you just can’t help but smile at this man with all his fun ideas, hats and endearing southern accent. What another fun character to add to the bunch at the Barron/Elmer wedding. I do believe I could write about this man all day. But here’s to Lee Epting, and I sure hope you meet him.

To see a wedding at the hill, where mine will be, check out ONCEWED.COM

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2 thoughts on “Meet Lee Epting.

  1. Laura,

    Your mom sent this to Mary. Mary showed Lee… then Lee wanted me to put this on our blog too, he was really excited!! Your whole blog is super cute! Getting excited for August!


    Epting Events

  2. Hi Laura,
    I just saw an excerpt of your blog on the Epting Events blog. I, too, am an Epting bride and will be getting married at The Hill next May (sooo excited!). I just wanted to say hello and that I hope your wedding is FABULOUS!

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