Meet Wingate.

The Photographer!

After a lots of phone talking, sharing ideas and two photo shoots, here are our OFFICIAL engagement pictures! This shoot was a great time hang out with our photographer, Wingate Downs, a seasoned professional. It was obvious he could handle just about any style human being and any type of atmosphere. (Not to mention, he used to have a sweet ponytail and drools over road bikes as much as David does) We loved hanging out with this guy. I’m pretty sure they don’t come much sweeter than him!

These are just a few of my favorites and their Athens Flair makes them just what we wanted! Thanks Wingate!

For more info on Wingate Downs, check out: and

(Ps – sorry everyone that I took bad screenshots of these. I got lazy and they look sloppy. My bad.)


2 thoughts on “Meet Wingate.

  1. you and David are just the sweetest couple-love all the photos and the creativity behind them. missed seeing you in athens yesterday- we had a ball. love, your god mama

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