I have a confession…

In a post awhile back, I said that my mother and I were planning to do our own calligraphy. Preface: Don’t judge us. My mother DID calligraphy her own wedding invitations 25 years ago, but when it finally got down to grinning and bearing the job, calligraphy was a fun idea but sort of a lot of pressure.

We are not about pressure.

Therefore, we ditched the idea, hired a nice man named Edgar Raines and went to the lake for a week. (WOOHOO!) However, I have read almost every book I vowed to read and the Barron girls have all been doing the “Thirty Day Shred” with Jillian. She yells ridiculous things like, “You may think I’m crazy, but I get results!” and “Do you wanna go jeans shopping? PUSH through; just think about those jeans buddy!” She also laughs hysterically at nothing. I’m pretty sure we would not be friends in real life, but regardless, other than the calligraphy, we did hold pretty true to my after-school list.

Now, we’re just team stuffing envelopes which means


I really get to marry David Elmer!

And, by the way, I just had to include this (sorry for the jumbled post), but a WEDDING flash dance? This makes me so happy.


2 thoughts on “I have a confession…

  1. oh my gosh- that is the funniest thing- can’t wait to see what david and his groomsmen have cooked up for ya’lls reception. Teehee

  2. Way to go on ditching the calligraphy. I am in total support of that! Also, I have the 30-day shred here in the DR, and I laugh at Jillian like crazy! Next time I do the video on my roof in the 110-degree heat, I will gladly think of you, pray for you, and imagine you laughing at Jillian with me. She’s soooo ridiculous.

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