Meet Charlie Barron.

The RENTAL MAN! (Dad on far right)

I’ve been waiting on this post for father’s day, but last night my computer basically exploded and right now, my iphoto library says there are zero pictures in it. Hopefully, they can be recovered from my hard drive… but this post still needs to happen. So, a day late – The Rental Man! Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

This is the man that has probably made my life the easiest during all the wedding stuff. I never really knew what I wanted for my wedding to begin with, but the details the “rental man” takes care of are the details most brides never think about or WANT to think about. The flowers and the dress are fun details, but what girl knows whether they want an four foot table or a five foot table? Or what bride loves doing the math to figure out how many people can fit in a certain space? This is the part that makes my daddy the master rental man.

When he packs our car to go on vacation, he can always imagine before he puts everything in the car exactly where it will fit. I swear, I used to think he was like Mary Poppins the way he could fit so much stuff into a bag or a car, and now I’m beginning to realize it’s part of what makes him great at his job. The other, quite frankly, amazing quality about my dad is how versatile he is — I was never allowed to have a go-cart as a kid, but I did know how to drive a bobcat — Dad can go from construction, to wearing a rented Easter bunny costume for his girls, to strobe lights and moonwalk set-up for a sixteenth bday, and finally even to helping me pick out linens for my wedding. (He can be shockingly good with color-coordinating haha). This chameleon-like quality is the thing that gives him the ability to work with most anybody – construction worker to 22 yr old bride. Being his daughter has always been a huge blessing, but in this stage of life, he has taught me how to “let the professionals do their jobs” so that I can relax. Not to mention, he’s the one that introduced me to the professionals.

That has been the other thing about all the wedding business… I love watching so many people love my father. My hometown responded to help with tons of wedding stuff, but it is mostly because HE has stuck out his neck for so many other people. I am so proud to be his daughter.

However, my dad is not the only one at Barron’s working hard to make my day special. More than anything, we are blessed to have a family behind my dad at the counter, in the back, loading trucks, etc. The people at Barron’s are a community of different gifts. So, here’s to the people and the man doing all the behind the scenes work! The man that helps Lee create atmosphere with chair ties and twinkle lights. Thanks, Dad.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Charlie Barron.

  1. Love this about Charlie!! So true. You are doing a great job with all of your posts but had to say bravo to this one.

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