River Therapy.

There is absolutely nothing like being outdoors with good friends. Saturday, my dear friends, Sally and Claire Coenen, gave me a very different sort of shower. The guests all met up at the YMCA in Athens, and we headed to Danielsville for an adventure on the Broad River. The shower was actually a canoeing trip down the broad. We all piled out of mini vans to find ourselves at a little shack in the middle of the woods. Inside was a glorious earthly smell of people, sweat, and a touch of beer. Crowds of people moved in and out quickly with boats, paddles and even dogs. After signing away our safety, we picked up some well-loved life jackets and bumbled onto a short bus. The guide let us out up river, and we were off! Only seconds into the water and all of us stripped our life jackets, reclined in our open-face ocean kayaks, and drank in summer wild life.

As we talked of grown things, child things, and unknown things, I was so thankful for my friends. As a matter of fact, one of the best parts about this outing was that it was a collage of people from every part of my life. They all knew me, but each sort of knew a different angle of me. The whole thing was such a gift. Halfway down the river, we got out on a sandy bank and lunched on food from marti’s. Then, before casting off again, they each showered me with a different memory. (None of this was photographed sadly, since we didn’t want to get cameras wet. But I was forced to wear the lovely lei and cap seen above)

Getting off the river was almost painful. I just didn’t want the day to end. If you have a friend getting married or just want to do something special for someone, this is a great idea. Every shower is so much fun, but being in the great outdoors is therapy to the soul. (broadriveroutpost.com)

“The feeling of health, the full-noon trill, the song of me rising
from bed and meeting the sun.
Have you reckon’d a thousand acres much?”

Song of Myself, Whitman

(Yes, Anna and Holly, that just happened.)


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