On the Road Again

(playing in the tissue paper from gifts and packing etc. etc.)

If you opened all the drawers and closets in your house right now and shook them out on the floor, you would get a similar experience to the Barron household today. Tomorrow, Anne and I are headed off to Auburn to start moving stuff into my new little house for next year. Since tomorrow is moving day, today was decide-what-in-the-world I will take with me into 360 square feet day. To complicate things a little bit more, David and I are also using all the furniture currently in my parents’ guest room right now (Thanks Mom and Dad). So, basically, the past two days have been rummaging through old memories, old clothes and new gifts.

David will start living in our new little house this week so that when we get back from our honeymoon, we won’t be unpacking boxes the very same day we both start Graduate Assistantships. Although moving a lot of stuff in now seems like a pain, it is actually sort of fun because I can begin to imagine my new life. I keep thinking, “Well, maybe the pots will fit here… Or maybe our shoes could hang there, etc.” It’s very fun to think about what our new little abode will be like…

My Childhood playhouse?

A picture finally exists. Check out this… if you can’t remember the reference.

Or maybe it’ll be like Keebler Elves?

Not sure David would even fit in there… but maybe living like elves will make us better cooks?

Or Maybe The Old Woman who lived in a shoe? (or shoebox is more like it)

AHHH!!! Where did all those children sleep?

But seriously, I am REALLY excited about starting to fix up our little place, so if you’re reading and you’re in Auburn, come say hello to 360 Magnolia! And, by the way, this is a really interesting video about a man who live in 96 square feet. Yes, you just read that right. It is the cutest, most efficient thing I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, it makes all of the junk we feel like can’t live without seem sort of crazy. (And I took serious notes on his storage ideas!) Ta ta for now!

For more tiny houses, go to tumbleweedhouses.com


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