DIY Guest Bags

Well, ironically  following a post about kiddie parties is the goodie bag post! Nothing says “Welcome to Town” at a wedding like goodie bags given to guests when they check in. Mom and I have trusted a lot of professionals during the wedding process (see any post titled ‘Meet’), but this was one of the things we were definitely doing ourselves. If you decide to do this too, here are a few tips from the recent pros:

1) ALWAYS order ribbon wholesale — yeah, we spent an entire day roaming around Athens looking for enough matching ribbon to make these things. We ended up with packaging ribbon which is still cute, but not the polka-dot ribbon we had planned on. However, we probably did meet every craft store cashier in town.

2) ALWAYS make more bags than the hotel tells you because you never know who will reserve a room at the last minute.

3) and ALWAYS buy too much candy so the time spent stuffing the bags is sweet.

So, here they are and our stuffing list too:

stickered and ready for stuffing.


Our hometown goodie
EASIEST DIY EVER – simply stuff & who needs a professional for that?

SUPPLIES: brown bag, label and tag (from Plain Jane’s), ribbon, raffia, gum, crackers, water, hard candy (chocolate will melt!), mint of some sort, coffee cup, A hometown treat (jittery joe’s coffee), & headache meds


One thought on “DIY Guest Bags

  1. Love your guest bags! Can you tell me what program you designed the bag label and tag in. So cute!!

    Also, this is probably a dumb question – but how did you print the white text on blue?

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