“So what do we sing?”

So, I know I’ve gotten waaaayyy behind on writing, but here’s a little tribute to the sweetest party ever:

Remember those awesome birthday parties when you were a kid that were themed? Swimming, skating, cake decorating… the list goes on and on. Well, for one day I got to go back in time. Yesterday (now like a week ago) was my most interesting wedding shower by far.

Tiny tables, tiny chairs, plastic colored table cloths and about twenty of my friends who are about 13 and under. All the kids and families that I’ve grown up babysitting for threw me a pottery painting party! Each kid painted a tile that will go into a mirror for David and me. Before the painting commenced, we all ate pizza and cake, but as they brought out the cake one of the little girls said, “Hmm… Not happy birthday. What do we sing for weddings?”


It was probably about half and half that actually understood that I was leaving Athens (or there would have been tears instead of partying), but it was a wonderful day to celebrate families growing together. These kids have meant so much to me over the years, and it was so fun in the final stages of planning to pause and play like a child.


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