It’s been fun.

I will never forget moments like these. Moments where I am surrounded by the people that I love, doing our own thing, but all singing the same words. Thanks, everyone, for singing along with me in this incredible time of my life (photo by Wingate Downs). It has been a blast. Thanks for reading, for caring, and for complaining about me quitting the blog (ha). One day maybe there will be another, but it’s so long for now.

Rumor has it that after we drove away, there was a free for all moment on the cake. No plates, no forks, people just dove in with their hands and enjoyed all that sugar and flour like girls at a slumber party. I love it. I love that there was enjoyment til there was nothing left. I love it that people were so sweaty, we could see through their clothes.  I love it that it was a night of sheer joy. But honestly, there IS nothing wedding-ish left to write. Now we’re just two happy people who go on bike rides at dusk and can’t seem to get any school work done. So, I bid the blogging world adieu. And don’t forget…


(street lights… peeeeoplee woooahhoohhh!!!!)

-Laura Elmer


3 thoughts on “It’s been fun.

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