Packing. Painting. Rearranging.

4 days out and what does life look like at the Barron house?

Packing, painting, rearranging, weather channel watching and visiting with folks.       But for real what does it look like?


When I was planning the reception, I fell in love with this little sign on the left. The right happened with a little extra time this week. Everything else is planned, so why not stain some wood?


BOW-QUETS for the rehearsal! Paper plates + TV + bows = ribbons galore.

And finally THIS.

Table setting. Mom and I looked back at pictures of her gift displays and tried to recreate the same look her mother had used – Emily Post’s white table cloths and delicate white flowers. So, what does the Barron house look like this week? Creativity and family memories all intertwined.