A pain in the glass.

Well, I promise this is almost the end, but the end just can’t come until I finally chronicle the dress. However, I am waiting for a few photos to be emailed from Athens. So, in the meantime, I’ll give you a little taste of married life.

1) Did I ever mention that David won 1800 granola bars this summer? Well he did and they SENT ALL OF THEM to 360 E. Magnolia. Yes, 360 is our address, but as mentioned before it is also our square footage. So, if you’re hungry, please come visit. You may also see us standing on the course selling them for “People living under the poverty line” i.e. us.

2) This is the part I really want to write about. In the week that we’ve lived here so far, I could probably write a ba-jillion happily ever after stories that would make you sick. So, instead I’ll write you a very real life story.

PICTURE THIS: Sunday – I have just taken a shower, and I am in my velcro towel wrap drying dishes. David is in the bathroom. A key factor is my parents JUST brought down alllll our wedding gifts, dishes, glasses, linens, etc the day before. We have just spent the day fitting everything in the house… and that felt sort of like playing that little traffic game… moving things just an inch to move something else. Humming to myself, drying, drying, pick up juice glass to continue drying and – – slow motion – – the glass – – slides – – right-through-my-hands-SMASSHHHHHH. EVERYWHERE. Think only two rooms. There is glass in our bedroom, all over the carpet, all over the kitchen which is also all over the front entrance. I think glass even made it to our bathroom. SHEER PANIC. David calms me. Goes back to take a shower. I am sad, but trying not to be a materialistic freak. Drank out of the glass once. Man. Just sweep. And Vacuum. And spend a good 15 minutes cleaning it up. David had neatly put the glass shards in a dust pan on top of the trash can. Which I immediately knock over the moment I have everything cleaned up. Again, glass everywhere. David comes running at the sound of crash #2 and as soon as he walks in… the broom catches the edge of my towel. I. AM. Naked, holding a broom, in a sea of shattered glass, sobbing. Utter mortification.

Needless to say, we did finally get it all cleaned up. After Sunday morning, I have a new appreciation for feeling “broken and stripped of everything.” If I’m ever a YL leader again, there is definitely a talk in that moment. And looking back on it now, it’s pretty funny – but also, I think these are some of the moments I will remember forever. And the best part? David loves me anyways.