Prepare yourself.

So, this is it. Prepare yourself for a LOT of dress pictures. Here is the transformation of my wedding dress. The underneath layer was once a WWII parachute, and it was worn three times before me. It has seen a lot of changes, but nothing like the genius of Chris Hudson. Now, that I’ve worn it down the aisle, I can let out all the secrets.

OUT-OF-THE-BOX: trying on mom’s dress

Needless to say, I was hating this. It was looking hopeless, until…

This might work? Take off those sleeves!

Dress Fitting One & Two:

The dress was cut into strips and reformed to fit my body exactly.

Dressing Fitting Three & Four:

It was unbelievable to watch it transform before our very eyes.


Why did I love this process so much? Because the day I got married, I put on years of love and devotion. As Mindy Smith would say, “Highs and Lows, that how life goes, with little moments that shine… [Love] only gets better with time.


Meet Christy.

I know with a beginning like that, you may be expecting an American Girl (Meet Samantha, Addy, etc), but actually this is the woman creating my wedding dress.  This is her posed with one of the many vintage hats lying around her studio.  At the time, we were all trying random things on our heads and posing (wicked I know, to only include her shot), but she is incredible.  She began her work in NYC as a couture and married a painter.  They decided life in New York was not their pace and moved to none other than Madison, Ga.

I wish you could all meet her. She has long, fiery-red, wavy hair down her back, but most of the time its twisted up near her neck with something  stuck in it.  She is simply beautiful.  Tall. Thin. Stylish – the body of a ballerina. And may I add that usually when I say, “Oh I like that wrap.” Her answer is, “Thank you, I made the fabric.”  Not thank you I sewed it…”Thank you I CREATED THIS FROM NOTHING.” She amazes me.  More amazing maybe is the fact that I have no clue how old she is.  I would have guessed fifty maybe, but I really have no clue.

Basically, she’s a beautiful secret hidden in downtown Madison, Ga in a green, brick studio that is overgrown with ivy.  When you walk in, her 12 yr old Jack Russell will greet you from his Chanel pillow, and Christy will probably be sketching, listening to Opera or something creation-inspiring.  The walls are lined with color-coordinated rolls of fabric, and if you faint from all the beauty hitting you at once, she has an antique recamier ready for your fall.  And this is the woman designing my dress, Chris Hudson.